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Abruzzo - Geographical Position

Abruzzo comprises four provinces of which the capital is L'Aquila. The provinces are : L'Aquila - Chieti - Pescara - Teramo

This is a region of peninsular Italy stretching between the central Apennines and the Adriatic coast in the area defined by the mouths of the rivers Tronto to the north and Trigno to the south. Of medium size, it borders to the north with the Marches, to the west with Latium, to the south with Molise, while to the east it lies on the Adriatic Sea: it is one of the least populated regions of Italy; its population density is lower than the national average.

The territory of Abruzzo is, roughly, the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of about 150 kilometres. The coastline, 129 kilometres long, stretches from the river Tronto to the Trigno and constitutes the eastern boundary of the region, while the North borders with Marche, the South with Molise and the West with Lazio. The land boundaries of the region are 467 kilometres long altogether.

The regional territory covers 10,794 square kilometres, the majority of which (65.1%, 7,027 square kilometres) is mountainous. 34.9% is constituted by hills. The statistics do not mention the plains. Near the coast, in fact, there are no plains, whereas in the inland there are a few, in the river's valley bottoms and also at high altitudes.

The largest plain, the Piana del Fucino, can be considered "artificial" because it was the result of the drying up of the lake Fucino in the last century. The territory of the four provinces of Abruzzo is divided in very different altimetric areas.

The province of L'Aquila is totally characterized by mountains; in the Chieti area hills prevail, while in Pescara and Teramo the areas covered by mountains are more or less the same as those covered by hills.

During the winter, the Abruzzo mountains offer to the keen snow-lovers numerous possibilities for downhill, cross-country, and alpine sluing, and, the latest passion of the youngsters, the snowboard.

Winter tourism has changed radically the life of the many towns that realised the need to change and have made "snow" their enterprise.

The highest number of winter resorts can be found in the L'Aquila province, but the Teramo side of Gran Sasso and the Majella also offer a good level of facilities. There are 22 winter resorts and a few words on each one of these is necessary.

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