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Abruzzo - Places to visit - Teramo

This town is situated 432 m. above sea level, near the confluence of the Vezzole torrent with the Tordino River.

Teramo in Abruzzo

Founded by the population of Prepuzi, the town was known in ancient times as 'Interamnia' (`between the rivers').

An important Municipium in Roman times, it rapidly declined after the fall of the Empire and, following Goth and Byzantine domination, became part of the territories of the Lombard Duchy of Spoleto.

In 1708, it was conquered by the Normans, then sharing the fortunes of the Kingdom of Naples.

Under the Angevin dynasty, it again attained great importance (14th century) then subsequently declined, also following the disputes among the various local overlords. It was united with Italy in 1860.

Monuments: Cathedral (12th-14th century) with inside a frontal by Nicola da Guardiagrele and 15th century polyptych, remains of the Roman Amphitheatre and theatre (3rd-9th century), church of San Getulio (medieval), church of Sant'Antonio (13th-16th century), church of Madonna delle Grazie (dating back to the 11th century) and church of San Domenico (14th century).

The economy of the town is mostly based on activities connected with agriculture and commerce, as well as a sound industrial sector: textiles, foods, engineering, building materials and ceramics.

Teramo in Abruzzo

Events: Mostra mercato della gastronomia abruzzese (gastronomical fair), during 'Giugno Teramano', which lasts all summer.

Famous People: Muzio Musii (historian, 15th century), Melchiorre Delficio (philosopher, 1744-1835), Vincenzo Cerulli (astronomer, 1859-1927), Giuseppe Bonolis (artist, 1800-1851), Giannina Milli (poetess, 1825-1880).

Cultural Institutions: University, Istituto Statale d'Arte, Archivio di Stato (State Archives), Osservatorio Astronomico (observatory), Art Gallery, Museo di Antichit di Abruzzo (museum).

In the Province: Atri (Romanesque-Gothic cathedral), Giulianova (seaside resort), Cellino Atlanasio (natural gas deposits), Pietracamela (mountain holidays), Roseto degli Abruzzi (seaside resort) and Ortona (Museo Capitolare, Pinacoteca 'Cascella'-Art Gallery).

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