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Agritourism and Farm Stays in Italy

An excellent opportunity to experience Rural Italy and enjoy some traditional hospitality is the Agritourism.

Agritourism in Italy

In 2004 it was estimated that 8000 Agritourisms existed in Italy and over 2000 of those were in Tuscany alone. Having lived at one for over 3 months and visited several hundred of them in half a dozen regions of Italy, I can strongly recommend them as a good alternative to bed and breakfasts and hotels.

Many of the Agritourisms in Italy are truly working farms where cheese is produced or wines or a myriad of other products. Its a great way to see how these wonderful products come into being and to sample them. Some Agritourism are also extremely luxurious and offer swimming pools, air-condition and all the luxuries that one might find in a five star resort.

You can see a wide selection of Agritourisms Here

By definition an Agritourism is

Agritourisms and Farm Stays in Italy

An Agritourism or as they also known farm stay, is any land based farm or business that is open to the public. These specialized farms generally offer things to see, things to do, and produce or gifts to buy, and are open to the public at least some parts of the year. Some are open 365 days, some only open for a few weekends. All offer a unique farm experience and are generally appealing to all members in a family.

Wine tasting, farm tours, country bed and breakfast, corn mazes, are all examples of Agritourism. These diversified farming operations are bringing an interested customer right to the farm, providing education and experience, and offers special farm products or related gifts for sale, things to do, and opportunities for easy and inexpensive educational experiences for young and old alike.

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