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Calabria - Places to Visit - Catanzaro

Catanzaro stands 320 m. above sea level on a rocky ridge delimited by the Musofalo and Fiumarella river valleys, some ten kilometres from the Ionian coast as conquered by Robert Guiscard, the Norman King, in 1059, and later shared the vicissitudes of the Kingdom of Sicily (afterwards known as the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies). It became part of Italy in 1860. In the course of the centuries, the city has been struck by earthquakes which, though destroying practically all the ancient monuments, have not changed the intricate maze of streets so typical of its medieval nucleus.

Catanzaro in Calabria

Buildings worth visiting are: the church of the Immacolata (Baroque), the church of the Rosario (16th century, now neoclassical), the Duomo (rebuilt after World War II, with interesting works of religious art), the church of the Osservanza (14th century origins) and the former church of S. Omobono (12th-13th century), the only church still in its original form; the Norman castle, the Carmine quarter (called `Greca').

The city's economy is based on agriculture and allied commercial activities, as well as on a high proportion of employment in the public sector, related to municipal administration.

The industrial sector is of scant importance, with only a few small factories making building materials, food, chemicals and engaged in wood processing.

There is a fair amount of seaside tourism in Catanzaro Marina, but the traditional crafts of silk and velvet making have almost died out.

Catanzaro in Calabria

Events: Good Friday Procession, Fiera di San Lorenzo (5th-10th August).

Famous People: Francesco Acri (philosopher, 1836-1913), Alfonso Asturaro (philosopher, 1854-1921), Bernardino Grimaldi (politician, 1839-1897), Domenico Milelli (poet, 1841-1905).

Cultural Institutions: State Archives, Biblioteca Comunale, university, Teatro Nasciari, Academy of Fine Arts, Provincial Museum (archeological, numismatic sections, art gallery).

In the Province: Crotone (industrial centre, archeological museum), Vibo Valentia, Lamezia Terme (spa), Serra S. Bruno (Certosa di San Bruno), Tiriolo, Nicotera, Tropea (cathedral), Cir (famous wines).

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