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This southern region is in many ways a real surprise. A high mountain range, the Sila, covered with forests and dotted with lakes, green even in the hottest days of summer dominates Calabria.

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Surrounded by an incredibly beautiful rocky coastline, it bridges two seas, the Ionio and the Tirreno. Dotted with ancient memories from all the ages it has seen the passage of many peoples.

A great region for trekking, site seeing, bathing and eating. Calabria is austere and its people parsimonious; its cuisine is simple, tasty and spicy.

Many ingredients reflect the varied cultural influences like the use of honey, and anise seed and sesame. First courses are either rice or pasta with sausage and vegetable sauces.

Calabria Food

The mainstay of the local diet is pork from the dark lean pig characteristic of this region; salamis, sopressas, capicolli and lard all derive from this versatile animal.

Tender kid and lamb from the hills make instead delicious roasts.

Cheese, like the excellent Provolone from the Sila mountains, or Monte Poros Pecorino are genuine delicacies, as is the butter filled Buttirro.

Calabrias desserts are rich and varied from the particular "mostaccioli" to the nut and chocolate filled "nepitelle".

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