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Campania - Geographical Position

Campania comprises four provinces of which the capital is Napoli. The provinces are : Napoli - Avellino - Benevento - Caserta - Salerno

Lying on the Tyrrhenian Sea in a sweeping curve between the mouth of the Garigliano and the Gulf of Policastro, Campania is chiefly a maritime region, a transit area and a node for the principal lines of communication which cross the Apennines, linking South Italy with the central-northern regions.

It is the twelfth largest region, has the second highest number of inhabitants after Lombardy, and the highest density of population in Italy. It borders with Latium to the north-west, Molise to the north, Puglia to the north-east and Basilicata to the south. To the west it lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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