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Emilia Romagna - Places to Visit - Forli'

Forli' in Emilia Romagna

This town lies 34 m. above sea level, on the Via Emilia, in the fertile plain between the Montone and Ronco rivers, at the foot of the outlying ramifications of the Tusco-Emilian Apennines.

The city was a Roman municipium with the name of Forum Livii; later, after forming part in the exarchate of Ravenna in medieval times, it increased in importance towards the 11th century when it became a municipality.

Monuments: Chiesa di San Mercuriale (12th-13th century Romanesque church), Duomo (Neo-classical), Rocca di San Ravaldino (14th-15th century), Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Vecchio (Romanesque church), Chiesa di San Filippo (15th century), Palazzo del Podest (15th century, Romanesque-Gothic).

The economy of Forl is based on the commerce of the area's agricultural products and on livestock, the food industry, closely linked to local agriculture (canning, sugar factories and mills) and on the chemical and textile industries.

Events: Annual poultry exhibition during the trades fair (September).

Famous People: Melozzo da Forl (artist, 1438-1494), Piero Maroncelli (patriot, 1793-1846), G. Battista Morgagni (physician, 1682-1771), Aurelio Saffi (patriot, 1819-1890).

Forli' in Emilia Romagna

Cultural Institutions: Pinacoteca Comunale (paintings by Melozzo, Guercino and Palmezzano), Galleria d'Arte Moderna (modern art gallery), Sala Verzocchi (art gallery), Quadreria Pedriali, Museo Civico ed Archeologico (museum), Biblioteca Comunale Aurelio Saffi (town library).

In the Province: Cesena (agricultural and industrial centre; Rocca Malatestiana, fortress (housing the Museo della Civilt Contadina Romagnola-rural life museum, and Biblioteca Malatestiana), Riccione, Cattolica and Cesenatico (seaside resorts), Bertinoro (medieval fortress), Forlimpopoli (medieval fortress and archeological museum), Rimini (seaside resort; Arco di Augusto, Tempio Malatestiano by L. B. Alberti).

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