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FOXTOWN FACTORY OUTLET (Switzerland) Website

Fox Town Factory Outlet

Via Angelo Maspoli 18, 6850, Mendrisio, Switzerland.
Only 15 kilometers from Lugano and 50 kilometers from Milan, directly on the Milan - Lugano highway, Mendrisio exit.

How to Arrive - Arriving from Milan:A9 Highway direction Como, Border Chiasso-Brogeda, A2 Highway direction Lugano, Mendrisio exit. Just 2 kilometers over the border from Italy near Chiasso, take the Mendrisio exit from the autostrada that goes from Como to Lugano. Or take the train from Milan to Chiasso, and a taxi to Foxtown.

The Factory Outlet Center is a new way of shopping already proven in the United States. In these new retail spaces, the most famous international companies offer their products at factory prices directly to the customer, with a discount from 30% to 70%. In this way companies find a commercial solution for liquidating their surplus production or stock of the previous season, guaranteeing the quality of the merchandise. The Factory stores are just what the smart shopper needs: no wonder, for here you'll find the same outstanding quality, friendly service and unique shopping experience that you can find in the most exclusive stores - but at much lower prices. So be as cunning as a fox: welcome to FoxTown.

Many important Italian brand names are represented here. Open every day including Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. Over 40 stores, each one carrying one brand including Gucci, Prada, Nike, Diesel, Irge, Versace, Everlast, Facis, and Iceberg. Stores are operated directly by each brand name. There's a cafeteria-restaurant, and even a casino. Tel: 4191-6462111, Fax: 4191-6461181 - Labels Include:-


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