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Introduction to the site

Ciao! My name is Alessandro Sorbello and I am the editor of this site and of many of the sites that you may encounter as you navigate around these pages

My Sicilian family migrated to Milano where I was born and spent my first five years before immigrating to Australia where I spent the majority of the next next 30 years. Returning to Italy when I could for periods ranging from 6 months to 6 days.

Alessandro Sorbello is a freelance writer, publisher and producer based in Italy and Australia

In 2000 I returned to Italy and lived for 5 months in Milano before settling into the province of Arezzo in Tuscany where I lived in an Agritourism 5 kms from the heart of Arezzo. Il Palazzo is an 11th century farmhouse on some 70 hectares of rolling landscape overlooking the steeple in the city that grows sunflowers, cereals and other crops and has a nice vineyard. I had returned to Italy to reobtain my Italian citizenship.

An opportunity to spend a wonderful year in Italy and develop my internet projects that involved accommodation. Sites like and and several hundred others.

As it turns out, I spent close to three years living in various parts of Tuscany and a further year living in Taormina in Sicily.

It became very evident that my return to Italy was never going to be limited to just one year and that I would find ways to be able to spend extended times living in both Italy and Australia.

During my time in Italy, I visited about 400 properties which offer accommodation in Tuscany, Sicily, Liguria and many other parts of Italy. This site will direct you to a number of these properties and many, many others that have evolved from the initial research.

Tuscany is also filled with a great number of world class factory outlets and we present some of those Outlets here as well as indications on how to arrive to them and what they offer.

Italy is world famous for its superior wines and foods; we look at some of the Vineyards, wine regions and foods from each region. We direct you out to sites that specialise in some of these fields.

On this site we provide an introduction into the various area's of Italy and give some insight into culture, history and popular destinations as well as fashion and history.

It is with pleasure that I present Ciao Darling ~ la dolce vita! Salute Alessandro

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