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Lazio - Places to Visit - Frosinone

Situated 291 m. above sea level on a hill, in a panoramic position overlooking the valley of the Sacco River in the heart of Ciociaria (region named after an ancient type of footwear called `ciocia') lies Frosinone.

Frosinone in Lazio

An ancient centre of the Volsci Frusino peoples, proud opponents of Rome, this town was conquered by the Romans and became a Municipium in 386 BC.

In medieval times it was in the hands of the Byzantines and Lombards, until in 817 the Franks gave it to the Church.

Monuments: Church of S. Benedetto (19th century Baroque), Cathedral (originally Romanesque, rebuilt after the War), Church of S. Lucia (Neo-classical).

Traditional agriculture is based on forests and pastures; over the last thirty years, the population has considerably increased and industry has developed, with aid from the Mezzogiorno Fund and with the construction of the Rome-Naples stretch of motorway.

Today there are many factories, mainly sited along the principal roads and railway lines, operating in the engineering, textile, plastics and foodstuff sectors.

Frosinone in Lazio

Events: various musical events, including the opera season in autumn.

Famous People: Nicola Ricciotti (patriot, 1802-1844).

Cultural Institutions: State Archives, Civic Library.

In the Province: Cassino (car factory), Fiuggi (spa), Anagni (Museum of Southern Latium), Alatri (Acropolis, folklore festival in August), Ferentino (Acropolis, Romanesque Duomo), Campo Catino (winter sports), Veroli (Abbey Museum), San Donato Val di Comino (Museo del Capriolo).

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