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Lazio - Places to Visit - Latina

This town rises 21 m. above sea level in the heart of the Agro Pontino reclaimed area, about 8 km. from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Latina in Lazio

The town was founded with the name of Littoria in 1932, at the site of a service centre for the Pontine reclamation works (Quadrato) and became capital of the Province two years later.

Latina grew up round an octagonal nucleus with the Piazza del Popolo in the centre and then expanded along the main roads leading out of the town.

The economy of Latina, built as the chief market town in a large agricultural area, was until the fifties, based on the primary sector (cereals, fodder, beetroot, vegetables animal breeding).

After the Second World War, it underwent extensive industrial development, and was included in the areas receiving aid from the Mezzogiorno Fund. Today it lies in one of the most highly industrialized areas of Latium, with food (sugar, canning, pasta), textile, engineering, wood processing, chemical and building material factories.

Latina in Lazio

Cultural Institutions: Conservatorio di S. Cecilia, Civic Theatre, Antiquarium.

In the Province: Lido di Latina (7 km. away, seaside resort), Gaeta (commercial port), Terracina (seaside resort), Aprilia (agricultural-industrial centre), Formia (remains of Roman pools), Priverno (abbey of Fosdinova), Sezze (Antiquarium), Sermoneta (nearby, abbey of Valvisciolo), Fondi (Lake Fondi), Sabaudia (Circeo Park), Cori (Temple of Hercules).

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