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Lombardia - Places to visit - Pavia

The town stands on the left bank of the Ticino river, 77 m. above sea level, approximately 6 km. before it meets the Po.

Pavia in Lombardia

Originally the Roman town Ticinum, increasingly important after the fall of the Empire, when the Lombards made it the capital of the `Regnum Italicum', which it remained until the 11th century. Later a free municipality, it was often at war with Milan and, from 1359, under Visconti rule, sharing the fortunes of the Lombard capital. In 1525, at the Battle of Pavia, fought near the town, Franois I, King of France, was captured by Charles V.

Monuments: Duomo (15th-16th century), Basilica di San Michele (12th century, Romanesque), San Teodoro (12th century, Romanesque), Castello Visconteo (14th century), Ospedale San Matteo (15th century), San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro (12th century), Piazza della Vittoria, the covered bridge over the Ticino River.

The local economy is still mainly based on farming or agriculture related activities. Industry has developed in the mechanical engineering, chemical and textile sectors. In the service sector, the town has numerous banks, finance companies and commercial centres. Pavia is the seat of an important and prestigious university.

Events: In September-October, music and theatre; Autumn in Pavia (fairs and wine and food festivals); Pavia-Venice motorboat race (beginning of June).

Pavia in Lombardia

Famous People: Gerolamo Cardano (mathematician, 1501-1576), Alessandro Rolla (musician, 1757-1841), Alessandro Guidi (poet, 1650-1712), Lanfranco di Pavia (theologist, 1005-1089), Liutprand (historian and Bishop of Cremona, 910-972).

Cutural Institutions: University (one of the oldest in Italy founded in the 10th century, reorganized by the Viscontis in 1361), Pinacoteca (also paintings by Correggio, V. Foppa, G. Bellini, Palma il Giovane), civic museums, State archives, civic library and historical archives.

In the Province: Vigevano (city of art, footwear industry), Voghera (industry, historical museum, paleontological museum), Mortara (industry, farming), Certosa di Pavia (majestic Renaissance Charterhouse), Casteggio (archeological museum).

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