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Lombardia - Places to visit - Sondrio

Sondrio in Lombardia

Standing 307 m. above sea level in mid-Valtellina, near the confluence of the Mallero and the Adda rivers, at the mouth of Valmalenco, Sondrio is the smallest provincial chief town in Lombardy.

Of Longobard origin, it fell to the Viscontis in 1336, then passed to the Sforza duchy. From 1512 to 1797 Sondrio formed part of the territory of the Grisons (Switzerland).

Monuments: Collegiata dei Santi Gervasio e Protasio (18th century paintings), Palazzo Pretorio (16th century), Madonna della Sassella (sanctuary, 15th century).

The local economy is based mainly on the service sector, the banks, commercial, and administrative offices, and haulage companies. Industries present are textiles and wine. Cattle and pig breeding is reasonably important.

Sondrio in Lombardia

Events: Agricultural fairs and gastronomical events are held throughout the year all along the valley.

Famous People: Antonio Caimi (artist, 1814-1878), Giovanni Ligari (artist and architect, 1686-1752), Pietro Martire Rusconi (artist, died in 1861), Cesare Ligari (artist, 1716-1770).

Cultural Institutions: Museo Valtellinese di Storia ed Arte (archeological finds and paintings), Civica Biblioteca (civic library), Consorzio Artigiano `Pietra Ollare' (stone used in local crafts), Museo Diocesano (diocesan museum).

In the Province: many tourist resorts such as: Bormio, Livigno (duty-free area), Chiesa in Valmalenco, Madesimo, Tirano (Renaissance buildings), Santa Caterina Valfurva, Chiavenna (Sagra dei `Crotti'-local celebration in September), Aprica (Museo Etnografico, ethnography museum).

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