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Molise - Places to Visit - Campobasso

This town lies at 701 m. above sea level, on the hilly ridge between the basins of the Biferno and Fortore rivers.

Campobasso in Molise

A centre of medieval origin, it was part of the Lombard Duchy of Benevento. From the 11th century, it shared the fortunes of the Kingdom of Sicily (later of Naples and of the Two Sicilies) though it was held by various local overlords (of which the most famous was Monforte) until the seventeenth century. It was united with the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

Campobasso was built round a hill with the Castello Monforte (dating back to 9th century, rebuilt in 16th century) on its crest.

In the oldest part of the town, with many interesting features, stand the splendid sixteenth century church of Sant'Antonio Abate and the Romanesque churches of San Giorgio and San Bartolomeo.

With regard to the town's economy, the agricultural sector is still of great importance, while industrial activity is limited to small factories mostly working in the processing of agricultural products (mills, distilleries and oil factories) and textiles.

The services sector is important in the field of public employment, linked to the administration of the regional and provincial capital. There is also craft production of knives and scissors.

Campobasso in Molise

Events: Sagra dei Misteri (Corpus Christi Day).

Famous People: Achille Sannia (mathematician, 1823-1892), Antonio Nobile (astronomer, 1794-1863), Francesco d'Ovidio (man of letters, 1849-1925), Pasquale Albino (historian, 1827-1899), Francesco Pietrunto (surgeon, 1785-1839).

Cultural Institutions: Conservatory, Biblioteca Provinciale (library), Archivio di Stato (State Archives), Museo Sannitico (museum), Universit del Molise (university), Museo Internazionale del Presepe in Miniatura (International Museum of Miniature Nativity statues).

In the Province: Termoli (industrial centre and seaside resort), Larino (Museo Civico, museum), Sepino (archeological centre) and Campitello Matese (ski resort).

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