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Molise -Geographical Position

Molise, the youngest Italian region (until 1963 it was part of Abruzzo), lies in central-southern Italy on the Adriatic coastline of the peninsula. Only its south-western section belongs to the Tyrrhenian coastline.

As regards area and population, it is the penultimate of the Italian regions, larger only than Val d'Aosta; lying to the north-east on the Adriatic, it borders with Abruzzo to the north, with Latium to the west, with Campania to the south and with Puglia (Apulia) to the south-east.

Its borders are mostly artificial, due mainly to complex feudal and administrative vicissitudes: natural limits are the Trigno and the Fortore rivers, which respectively mark most of the border with Abruzzo and Puglia and the calcareous massifs of Meta, the Mainardes and Matese, administratively divided between Latium and Campania.

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