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Molise became independent from Abruzzo in 1963, but the cuisine in both regions is very similar.

Molise does have several unique dishes, though, including P'lenta d'iragn, a white polenta made with potatoes and wheat and served with a tomato sauce, and Calconi di ricotta rustica, ravioli stuffed with ricotta, provolone and prosciutto, then fried in oil.

The Molisani had a tradition called la transumanza, when the shepherds migrated with their flock to Apulia. Because the people were traveling, many Molisani dishes reflect simplicity and a quick preparation time.

Molise Food

In addition, all of the animals that were transported were meant to be sold, so meat was a luxury and is not present in many meals in Molise today.

Therefore, vegetables and cheese dominate the plates.

Along with pasta, grains and fruits, these ingredients compose the heart-healthy, Mediterranean Diet of the Molisani.

Chilli and garlic are common in every dish, as is olive oil, which is the main industry in Molise. And, you will most likely encounter il diavolillo in your meal, which is a very hot red pepper.

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