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Molise -Things to Do - Tourism

Molise is perhaps the most depressed Italian region, from a tourist point of view. It is such a small area, and an insufficient communications network means isolation.

Only in recent years has tourism here begun to expand and some small holiday resorts are trying to attract an increasingly larger clientele.

These resorts include the mountain centres of Capracotta, Pescopennataro, Frosolone and Campitello Matese, already a well-known winter sports resort.

On the Adriatic coast, with its wide, sandy beaches are seaside resorts such as: Petacciato Marina, Marino di Montanero, Campomarino and, especially, Termoli.

There are other attractions inland. Small solitary villages cling to the hillsides, where beside rich examples of artistic worth, lies a world now almost forgotten, where life is still marked by natural rhythms, old farmers still cling to their land, and skilful craftsmen ply their trades; all values which now seem to be disappearing.

Visits should be paid to Larino, where Albanese is still spoken, with its fourteenth century cathedral; Petrella Tifernina, with the beautiful Romanesque church of San Giorgio (12th century); Ferrazzano, dominated by the fifteenth century castle; Guglionesi, with the Romanesque church of San Nicola (12th century); Bojano, with the panoramic village of Civita, in the Province of Campobasso; Agnone, a village of ancient craft traditions; Pescolanciano, with the picturesque castle; Bagnoli del Trigno, at the foot of a steep, rocky cliff on which towers a castle; Venafro, with the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, in the Province of Isernia.

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