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Wine in Molise

This overlooked region, which was long an appendix of the Abruzzi, gained official status in wine in the 1980s with the DOCs of Biferno and Pentro. The undeniable aptitude for vines on the sunny hillsides between the Apennines and the Adriatic, indictes that Molise's wines could match those of neighbouring Abruzzi, Apulia or Campania with time, though the evidence in bottle is scarce so far.

Wine in Molise

The soil in the region's hills and the mild Adriatic climate seem to provide a favourable combination.

The estates of Masseria Di Majo Norante with DOC of Biferno and the table wines of Ramitello are setting examples for others to follow as Molise strives for a vinicultural identity of its own.

Most other wine seems to be consumed locally, which explains why Molise has the smallest percentage of classified wines in its total.

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