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Molise - Wine Regions

Molise ranks 19th among the regions in size (4,438 square kilometres) and in population (334,000).

Vineyards cover 9,350 hectares (18th) of which registered DOC plots total 157 hectares (19th).

Annual wine production of 550,000 hectolitres (19th) includes 0.36 per cent or 2,000 hectolitres DOC (20th), of which about 80 per cent is red.

Wine Regions in Molise

DOC AREAS - Biferno, Pentro di Isernia

OTHER WINES OF NOTE - Aglianico, Montepulciano, Ramitello Rosso Rosso del Molise, Sangiovese, Bianco del Molise, Malvasia Ramitello Bianco, Trebbiano

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