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Puglia - Places to visit - Foggia

The town lies at a height of 76 m. above sea level, on the Tavoliere delle Puglie, in the middle of an intensively cultivated area, and is an important crossroads for road communications and also a railway junction.

Foggia in Puglia

The town is practically entirely modern. Founded in the 11th century, on swampy land reclaimed by the Normans, it subsequently shared the fortunes of the Kingdom of Sicily, attaining considera ble importance at the time of the Anjous and Aragons. An earthquake almost razed it to the ground in 1731; in 1860 it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Further land reclamation has been carried out since the beginning of the century, and its agriculture modernized, facilitating economic and demographic growth.

Monuments include: the Cathedral (originally 12th century, reconstructed in Baroque style), the church of the Calvario (17th-18th century), the Villa Comunale (Public gardens), Palazzo Arpi (with the Romanesque arch from Frederick the Second's castle), the church of S. Francesco Saverio (neo-classical faade). At a distance of 10 km. lie the ruins of Arpi, an ancient Daunia town.

The city's economy is still based on highly developed agriculture, with an elevated production of cereals, wine and oil, fruit and vegetables, stimulating brisk trade and supplying the transformation sector (pasta, oil and wine). An important factor in the industrial sector is printing, while smaller companies engage in engineering, textiles and garment manufacturing.

Foggia in Puglia

Events: Fiera di Foggia (agricultural and livestock, May and September), Festa dell'Incoronata (last Sunday in April).

Famous People: Umberto Giordano (musician, 1867-1948).

Cultural Institutions: State Archives, Provincial Library, Academy of Fine Arts, U. Giordano Conservatory, Museo Civico (archeological section, paintings).

In the Province: Margherita di Savoia (spa, salt pans), Tremiti Islands (beach holidays), San Severo (wine-making), Cerignola (agricultural centre), Manfredonia (Dauno carnival), S. Giovanni Rotondo (home of Padre Pio da Petrelcina, pilgrimages), Pugnochiuso, Peschici.

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