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Sardegna - Places to Visit - Nuoro

The town lies 546 m. above sea level on the crest of a mountain ridge between the Isalle and Rio dOliena river valleys, in the upper saturated valley of the Cedrino River.

Nuoro in Sardegna

A settlement of pre-Roman origins, it attained some importance with the name of Nugoro from the 12th century onwards, when it became the seat of a bishopric in the Logudoro Giudicato.

Its history was that of the island, ie. Pisan and Genoan domination (13th century), followed by Aragonese and Spanish between 1323 and 1714, when it formed part of the Kingdom of Sicily, though granted in feud to various overlords, especially during the 16th century.

Its appearance began to change after 1927 when it became the chief town in the province, with the construction of new neatly laid out urban quarters flanking the characteristically medieval old centre.

Its monuments include: the Duomo (neo-classical, 1854); in the vicinity stand the church of Nostra Signora della Solitudine (17th century, in a scenic position), the Domus de Janas (prehistoric caves) and the Tanca Manna nuraghe in Valverde village.

Traditionally an agricultural and pastoral centre, the structure of Nuoro's economy has undergone modification over the last few decades. It is now based mainly on the service industries (public administration, commerce, banking) and the construction industry associated with urban development.

Livestock is still important, however, particularly sheep, as is agricultural production (olives, grapes, fruit, vegetables, cereals). There is only a minor industrial sector, with a few small food, engineering and building materials manufacturers, while the tourist attractions of the surrounding areas, most of which are related to Nature, are now being greatly revaluated.

Nuoro in Sardegna

Events: Sagra del Redentore (folklore, August), Concorso letterario Grazia Deledda.

Famous People: Sebastiano Satta (poet, 1867-1914), Grazia Deledda (writer, 1871-1936).

Cultural Institutions: State Archives, Biblioteca `Satta', Museo Regionale del costume e delle tradizioni popolari (local costumes and traditions), Museo Speleo-archeologico.

In the Province: Arbatax (seaside resort, port of call, paper mill), Aritzo (holiday village, wood crafts), Mamoiada (carnival), Bosa (handmade lace), Fonni (holiday village, winter sports), Lanusei (holiday village), Orgosolo (environmental interest), Orosei (agricultural and commercial centre).

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