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Sicilia - Places to Visit - Augusta

Augusta in sicilia

This small town spreads along an island connected by bridges to the mainland, in the upper part of the Gulf of Augusta. The name goes back to the Roman Imperial age, when Augustus founded a new colony here (first century BC).

Up to two centuries earlier, the reek colony of Megara Hyblaea had existed in this area, but was devastated in conflicts with the Syracusans and Romans. Augusta itself was razed by the Saracens and rebuilt by the Swabians (thirteenth century).

Subsequently an Aragonese possession, it suffered badly in more recent times, during the seventeenth and nineteenth century, from earthquakes.

The locality is also known for an Allied landing there during the last World War (July 1943). A centre of the oil and petrochemical industry, it possesses refineries factories and busy commercial port.

The Castle goes back to the Swabian period (thirteenth century) and has been used as a prison.

Augusta in sicilia

The Duomo, originally built in the seventeenth century, had to be rebuilt as a result of the earthquake of 1693 and was completed in the second half of the eighteenth century.

The Palazzo Comunale is and elegant seventeenth century building.

The Baroque Church of the Anime Purganti (seventeenth century) is also interesting.

The sixteenth century fortalices of Avalos, Garzia and Victoria can still be seen at the port.

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