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Sicilia - Places to Visit - Forza d'Agro'

Forza d'Agro' in Sicilia

From the motorway, which connects Messina-Catania, one can exit from Roccalumera or Taormina Nord into SS. 114.

Forza d' Agro' can be reached by following the provincial road 16 which separates at the T junction of S. Alessio (Castle). It is little more than 4 km drove. The journey is very charming.

As one drives along the winding roads and ascends higher, the Calabrian Coast and the deep blue sea can be viewed and from the Cape of S. Alessio the spectacular view of the Ionian Coast can be seen verging towards Messina.

The climb consists of cultivated "terraces" of olives and almonds and figs.

Belvedere Damosello is situated on the most pointed rock, leaning onto the sea. With just one glance one can view the Sicilian oriental coast and the Calabrian Coast.

The complete view comprises the extraordinary neatness of the northern villages, the set of houses set upon the hills towards the Cape of S. Andrea, Taormina and its bay, and Etna (Covered with snow in winter). Just below the observer can see the sea of Forza d' Agro' with its limpid waters protected by the Cape of S. Alessio.

As you enter Forza d' Agro' and after you have passed the panoramic Belvedere you reach the Square on the left Giovanni XXIII - on the right Cammareri - a pretty little square full of flowers.

There are public bars, restaurants, pizzerias and taverns. Visitors can park in the wide space or In Giovanni Square XXIII. From this point one can begin the tour of the village on foot.

Forza d'Agro' in Sicilia

Scifi is situated on the right edge of the River Agro'. There is a crossing, which is the provincial road from S. Alessio to Limina, Roccafiorita and Antillo.

After the bridge on the left, there are excavations of an old building of Imperial-Rome. Further on is the Municipal Centre and the Church of S. Alfio.

On the other side of the stream excels the Temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

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