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Sicilia - Places to Visit - Milazzo

This town rises at the eastern end of the gulf o the same name, at the base of a peninsula projecting into the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. Archaeological finds provide proof that the area was first settled by humans in extremely ancient times; there are traces of necropolises dating from the fourteenth century B.C.

Milazzo in Sicilia

Because of its strategie importance, the town was always a centre of military interest. A town was built on the present site around the eighth century B.C. by the Chalcidians (there had already been Sicel Settlements there), as a stronghold for Messina.

Near this ancient town of Mylae, the Carthaginians were defeated by the Romans in a navel battle in the third century B.C.; subsequently Sextus Pompeius was defeated there during the civil war.

An important administrative centre during the Arab and Norman ages, the town retained its powers under the Spanish also. In 1860 Garibaldi won an important victory over the Bourbons there, during his memorable campaign.

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The Castle in its present from goes back to the fifteenth to sixteenth century, when the Spanish further fortified the previous thirteenth century structure built by FrederickII of Swabia. In the highest part of the town near the castle and the ring walls, stands the Duomo Vecchio (Old Cathedral), a seventeenth century building in renaissance style. The Church (Sanctury) of San Frencesco di Paola contains a fine Madonna and Child by Gagini.

Milazzo in Sicilia

In the Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral) are preserved interesting paintings by the sixteenth century artist Antonello de Saliba. We should also see the Gothic Palazzo dei Giudici and the Palazzo Municipale which contains mementos of the Risorgimento, a well stocked library and various paintings.

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