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Sicilia - Places to Visit - Ragusa

Ragusa in sicilia

The city lies in a dominant position (502 m.) on the south slope of the Iblei hills, to the right of the deeply gouged Irminio River valley, about 25 km. from the sea.

A depression in the ground divides it into two sectors, Ragusa Ibla or Inferiore, of medieval origin with narrow twisting lanes, but seventeenth century in appearance, for it was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1693, and Ragusa Superiore, the modern area constructed on a regular squared layout.

Its monuments include: the cathedral (18th century), the church of S. Maria delle Scale (18th century), the church of S. Giorgio (Baroque, with Renaissance sculptures), the church of S. Giuseppe (Baroque) and the Palazzo del Comune.

Considerable impetus was given to development of the city's economy in 1953 with the discovery of hydrocarbon deposits in the vicinity, stimulating a certain degree of industrialization, including petrochemicals, building materials and food (pasta, oil, canning, wine producing and cakes etc.).

The commercial sector, traditionally linked to the highly productive agriculture of the surrounding countryside (cereals, olives, grapes, vegetables), is still extremely prosperous.

Ragusa in sicilia

Events: Mostra dell'artigianato and Mostra regionale del Ricamo e Sfilato Siciliano (October).

Cultural Institutions: State Archives, Biblioteca Civica, Museo Archeologico, Museo del Petrolio.

In the Province: Vittoria (of urban interest), Modica (environmental interest), Comiso (agricultural and industrial centre), Scicli (agricultural centre), Ispica (agricultural centre), Acate (wine), Castello di Donnafugata.

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