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Sicilia - Places to Visit - Randazzo

Randazzo in Sicilia

This town is situated near the meeting of the Alcantara and Flascio rivers, in the valley between the volcanic mass of Etna and the Nebrodi-Peloritani mountain chain. The layout of the town reveals its medieval origins; it has many buildings in volcanic stone, and goes back to the Byzantine period, having grown up on the site of an ancient Sicel settlement. It prospered particularly under the Aragonese.

The Church of San Nicolo` is of fourteenth century origin; the fabric of the apse is of that period. The building as we see it today is the result of alterations in the sixteenth century Catalan Features, while the faade and the bell tower, in their final version, date from alterations made in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The interior has an aisled nave and is adorned by sixteenth to eighteenth century paintings and sculptures from the workshop of the Gaginis, including a polygonal shrine and the baptismal font.

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