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Solunto in Sicilia

The first settlements here were probably Phoenician. Ater a Punic stronghold together with nearby Palermo and Motye, it was first conquered by the Sracusans (fourth century B.C.) and then by the Romans (third century B.C.).

The place went in to rapid decline and was completely abandoned in the second century B.C.

Recent archaeological studies allow us to dismiss the hypothesis that the most ancient nucleus was in fact at the nearby locality called Pizzo Cannita.

The excavations have brought to light the remains of an ancient settlement of urban character, similar to those of other archaeological zones in the island.

They can be defined a slate Classical in type, with Hellenistic and Roman additions. In the Antiquarium we can see the finds from the archaeological excavations.

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The Gymnasium is in part the result of reconstruction in the second half of the nineteenth century; its name derives from an inscription found there. Among the many houses the Casa di Leda is outstanding.

It was brought to light in the early sixties of the last century and its name derives from the subjects of some paintings from the first century A.D. found in an inside room.

Solunto in Sicilia

It is also capable of seating 1200 people, and the nearby Bouleuterion, where the meetings of the senate were held.

It is believed that in the highest part of the archaeological area there was an Acropolis and the oldest part of the settlement.

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