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Tindari in Sicilia

Tindari is an area of great archaeological interest at the western end of the bay between Cape Tindari and the Cape of Milazzo. Founded in the first half of the fourth century B.C., of Rome, which it always supported in its long military struggle with Carthage.

In the Imperial age it became the Colonia Augusta Tyndaritanorum, and later suffered recurrent natural disasters, landslides and earthquakes, which led to a relentless decline culminating in its destruction at the hand of the Arabs.

We can still see substantial remains of the walls, some sections of which are the original city walls, while other portions are of later date. The outstanding feature of the ruins is the Greek Theatre, which dates from the fourth century B.C., and where excavation of restoration were begun in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Near a vaulted structure, improperly supposed to be a basilica but almost certainly a monumental entrance porch, is a vast block of buildings on several levels, known as Isolato IV. The lower levels are occupied by the remains of Roman houses and shops (tabernae).

Tindari in Sicilia

The upper level consists of the remains of the Baths, dating from the second century A.D.

In the museum beside the Theatre we can see some interesting finds from the excavations.

In modern Tindari which probably grew up on the site of the ancient agora`, we should visit the Santuario, a modern building rising on the site of the acropolis of the ancient settlement, near a smaller sixteenth century sanctuary now out of bounds to the public.

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