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Trentino Alto Adige -Geographical Position

This is the most northerly region in Italy; spreading over the southern side of the Alpine chain, it borders with Switzerland to the north-west, with Austria to the north and with the Italian regions of Lombardy to the south-west and Venetia to the east and south-east. Known as Venetia-Tridentina until the end of the Second World War, it has been an autonomous region with a special Statute since 1948.

It takes its name from Trentino, the territory historically linked to the ancient town of Trent, and from the Alto Adige and was adopted after the First World War to replace the German `Sdtirol' (South Tyrol).

Trentino-Alto Adige has only 1.5% of the population of Italy, in an area equal to 4.5% of the national territory. The population density is the lowest in Italy after Valle d'Aosta.

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