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Umbria - Places to visit - Attigliano

Town Hall: P. Vittorio Emanuele II, 2 - Attigliano (TR)
Tel. 0744/994224
Altitude a.s.l.: 95 m. Maximum Altitude: 202 m. (Poggio Corona)
Population (Attiglianesi): 1700 ca N. of Hamlets: 1

Attigliano in Umbria

Attigliano, located in the south-western territory of Umbria, is situated at the end of a natural terrace dominating the Valley of the Tiber, offering the visitor a splendid panorama.

Its local economy, traditionally tied to agriculture, is to a great extent dependent on the near-by chemical-steel and iron industry of Narni and Terni.

Tourism, which benefits by the vicinity of the "Sole" motorway and the presence of hotels and restaurants, also offers new resources and occasions for development.


The origins of Attigliano date back to Etruscan times as various archaeological finds have testified.

The present day village has medieval origins (11th 12th cent.) and its history was determined by the passing of many noble families (the Borghese, the Orsini and the Alviano). In the 15th century it became part of the Papal State and remained under its rule until it is annexed into the Kingdom of Italy (1860).

Attigliano in Umbria


In the centre of town:

Turreted Towers of the Castle

Piazza of the Fortress, with clock tower

Parish Church of St. Lorenzo Martire (16th cent.)

Surrounding Area:

Etruscan tombs and crypts at Marziana Jana


Festival of the Madonna of the Graces (second Sunday in May)

Festival of the patron saint St. Laqurence (August 10)

Re-enactment of the Christmas story (Christmas Eve)

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