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Umbria - Places to visit - Magione

Town Hall: Giovanni Pian di Carpine 06063 Magione (PG)
Tel. 075/847701 Fax. 075/8477041
Altitude a.s.l.: 299 m. Maximum Altitude: m.523 (M. Bitonto)
Population (Magionesi): 12200 ca N. of Hamlets: 9
Twin town: Waren (Muritz)

Magione stands on a hilly ridge, which descends to the eastern shores of Lake Trasimeno.

Magione in Umbria

The economy of the place traditionally based on agriculture and fishing, also has a thriving industrial base (furniture, clothing, construction, and other areas). Today, tourism is also beginning to play an increasingly important role.


The district of Magione, considered an important place of transit for pilgrims, belonged to Perugia until the 11th century. The towns history is linked with that of Perugia.

In the 14th century, the Order of the Templars, feared both by the Pope and the Emperors because of its strong independence and great economic and spiritual power, was dissolved. The primitive pilgrims hospice was given to the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and then to the Knights of the Order of Malta who are the present day owners.

The present day construction is the result of restoration carried out by the Order of Malta making the castle one of the most beautiful in Umbria.

The historical importance of the events tied to the Castle of the Knights of Malta is essentially in the chronicles of Magione.

Magione was also homeland to Friar Giovanni di Pian del Carpine who was fascinated by idea of long journeys and in 1245 he left for the Orient.

Fifteen months later he arrived in China at the court of the Grand Khan of the Tartars. Upon his return he wrote "Historia Mongolorum" (History of the Mongolians).


In the centre of town

Castle of the Knights of Malta (15th cent.)

Faade of the Town Hall Town Hall

Church of St. Mary of the Graces

Interior of the Church of St. Mary of the Graces painting by A. Di Giovanni from Orvieto Enthroned Virgin and Child (1371)

Parish Church of St. John the Baptist (15th cent. rebuilt in the 20th cent.), contains frescos by G. Dottori

Lombard Tower (12th 13th cent.)

Magione in Umbria

Surrounding Area

Castle, at Agello

Church of the Annunziata, at Monte Colognola

Abbey with Romanesque style church (11th cent.), at SantArcangelo

Fish Museum, at San Feliciano


"Segavecchia" (lit. Old Saw) (March, mid Lent)

Festival of the "Tortino" (May - Ascension)

Festival of the patron saint - St. Clement (November 23)

Fishermens Festival (December)


Olive oil

Production of marsh reeds and weeds

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