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Umbria - Places to visit - Paciano

Paciano in Umbria

Town Hall: P. della Repubblica, 4 - Paciano (PG)
Tel. 075/830186
Altitude a.s.l.: 391 m. Population (Pacianesi): 1000 ca
Twin Towns: Fontaines en Bourgogne (F), Mosman (Australia)

Paciano is located on the hills south of Lake Trasimeno in the centre of a well cultivated territory, rich in woods containing holm-oaks, oaks and chestnut trees.

Its economy, traditionally based on agriculture (olives, grapevines and vegetables) and handicraft activities (wrought iron, woodwork and embroidery) is also experiencing significant growth in the tourism sector.


The Etruscan-Roman origins of Paciano have been proven by the numerous archaeological findings in the area whereas the first references to the place are contained in documents dating from the 10th century.

In the centuries that followed Paciano was subjected to the domination of Chiusi and later to that of Perugia, who turned Paciano into a fortified border village.


In the centre of town

Church of St. Joseph

Banner of the Madonna della Misericordia (15th cent.) by Fiorenzo di Lorenzo

Church of S. Carlo Borromeo (16th 17th cent.)

Church of the Madonna della Stella (16th cent.)

Brotherhood of the Sacrament, seat of a small Picture Gallery.

Cennini Palace

Baldeschi Palace, seat of the Naturalistic Museum

Paciano in Umbria

Surrounding Area

Church of St. Sebastian

Church of S. Maria di Peretula

Church of S. Lucia di Petroalbella

Church of Our Saviour, at Ceraseto

Convent of St. Anthony (15th cent.)

Orlandos Tower

Mount Pausillo Fauna Park

In the Park theres a "Selva Cupa", a forest of chestnut and oak trees where orchids grow spontaneously and fallow deer, red deer and wild boars live freely.


"La Segata della Vecchia" (April)

Flower Festival, carpets of flower petals Flower Festival of Corpus Christi (June)

"Il Pozzo" Season of Plays (July August)

Festival of the patron saint - St. Mary of the Assumption (August 15)

Oil Festival (December)


Olive oil

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