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Umbria - Places to visit - Parrano

Town Hall: Via XX Settembre, 10 - 05010 Parrano (TR)
Tel. 0763/838001
Altitude a.s.l.: 441m. Maximum Altitude: 607 m. (Poggio del Mandriano)
Population (Parranesi): 590 ca N. of Hamlets: 2

Parrano is a small agricultural centre situated in the hills of the upper Orvietano area.Today, along with the traditional agricultural activities, Parranos economy also thrives on the presence of small industrial activities operating in the food, furniture and building sectors.

Parrano in Umbria


The first references to Parrano date back to the 11th century when mention is made to the building of its castle and the fortification of the village.

Parrano, being a defence and sighting post allied with and protected by Orvieto, was not involved in any wars and disputes, except for the sacking inflicted by the neighbouring villages.

From the 16th century onwards Parrano became part of the Church State until the Kingdom of Italy is created (1860).


In the centre of town

Castle (11th cent.)

Porta Ripa and Porta di Piazza (Gates) (1693)

Surrrounding Area

A series of caves called "Tane del Diavolo" (Devils Dens) (only for expert spelaeologists)

The Devils caves

Parrano in Umbria


Festival of the patron saint S. Biagio (February 3)

Procession of the Dead Christ (Good Friday)

Choir Competition (April)

Festival of S. Bernardino (May 20)

September Parranese, Wine and Handicraft Show

Festival of the Madonna di S. Gabriello (September 15)

Nativity scene display and competition (December 26 January 6)


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