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Umbria - Places to visit - Todi

Town Hall: P.zza del Popolo 29/30 - 06059 Todi (PG)
Tel. 075/8956.1 Fax. 075/8943862
Altitude a.s.l.: 411 m. Maximum Altitude: 637 m.
Population (Tudertini o Tuderti): 17000 ca N. of Hamlets: 32
Twin Towns: Dreux (F), Melsungen (D)

Todi in Umbria

Todi stands on a hill-top dominating the confluence of the Naia Stream with the Tiber.

The city has always been considered an important meeting and trading point for agricultural products, so much so that Todi, in competition with the other bigger centres, has been able to fix reference prices for the commodities.

Todi, along with the agriculture industry, has been able to maintain to present day a thriving handicraft and commercial industry. These activities support and revitalise the new opportunities that are emerging from a substantial increase in the quality and volume of tourism.


Todi is situated along the ancient border (a possible etymology of the name may mean "border") between the territories inhabited by the Etruscans and the Umbrians. Evidence of the two cultures can be seen in the valuable archaeological findings.

Todi was conquered by the Romans around 340 b.C. and in the 1st century b.C. it became a Roman Municipality enjoying a period of peace and prosperity until the fall of the Roman Empire.

Todi, thanks to its elevated position and solid defence system, did not have to endure the destruction inflicted by the Barbarian invasions. Therefore, Todi continued to live in relative tranquillity even during the turbulent Middle Ages.

Todi in Umbria

In the 12th century Todi became an independent Municipality. Todis independence does not last long because of the internal struggles and the continuous conflicts against Spoleto, Orvieto and Narni.

In 1230, the most representative religious poet of the 13th century Jacopo Benedetti known as Jacopone da Todi is born.

The political and military instability continues until the 16th century when, after various dominating powers (the most important being that of the Atti family), Todi became part of the Papal State. Todi remained under the rule of the Papal State (with exception of the Napoleonic period) until 1860, when it became part of the Italian State.


In the centre of town

Piazza del Popolo, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy where the following monuments can be admired:

Faade of the Cathedral of Maria Ss. Annunziata Cathedral of Maria Ss. Annunziata (12th cent. expanded in the 13th-14th cent.), contains a Crucifix (12th cent.), a wooden choir (1530), paintings by Spagna (16th cent.).

Bishops Palace (16th cent.) next to the Cathedral

The Municipal Palaces:

Peoples Palace, Captains Palace, and Priors Palace

Priors Palace (13th 14th cent.) with polygonal tower

Roman "Nicchioni" (large niches), remains of the ancient defence structure from the 1st cent. b.C.

Fortress Park with bastion (14th cent.)

Temple of S. Fortunato (13th-15th cent.), with 14th cent. frescos and crypt which preserves the remains of the poet Jacopone da Todi.

Church of S. Maria di Camuccia (built in the 7th-8th cent. and almost completely restored in the 13th cent.)

Church of St. Carl, or S. Ilario (13th cent.)

Church of S. Nicol de Cryptis (12th cent. built on ruins of an Roman amphitheatre)

Todi in Umbria

Outside the walls:

Temple of S. Maria della Consolazione (1508-1607) central plan and four apses, with 16th cent. frescos and choir in walnut (1590)

Temple of the Crucifix (16th cent.)

Convent of Montesanto

Surrounding Area

At Collevalenza:

Sanctuary of the Merciful Love, destination of pilgrims

At Bodoglie:

Peasant Civilisation Museum


Representation of the "Il pianto della Madonna" (The Weeping Madonna) written by the poet Jacopone da Todi (Holy Week)

National Antique Show (March-April)

"Arteuropa" (June), Festival of Opera Music

Italian Hot-Air Balloon Competition (July)

"Todifestival" (August-September), theatre performances

Festival of the Madonna della Consolazione (September 8)

National Handicraft Show (September)

Festival of S. Fortunato (October 14)

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