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Veneto - Places to visit - Belluno

Rising on a plateau 389 m. above sea level, near the confluence of the Ardo torrent with the Piave, at the foot of Mount Serva
(2,132 m.), lies Belluno.

Of Venetian origin, it was a Roman municipium and grew in importance under Lombard and Frank rule. In medieval times it was ruled by bishops and subsequently (twelfth century) became a free municipality.

Belluno in Veneto

It later fell to Ezzelino III da Romano, the Da Caminos, the Scaligeris, the Emperor Carlo di Boemia and the Viscontis until in 1404, it went over to Venice, sharing its historical vicissitudes until its fall (1797).

From 1866 Belluno was part of the Kingdom of Italy. During the First World War Belluno was occupied (November 1917-November 1918) by Austrian troops.

Monuments: Duomo (16th century), Palazzo dei Rettori (15th century, Renaissance), Piazza del Mercato (environmental interest, Renaissance buildings and porticos), Church of S. Stefano (15th century, Gothic), Church of S. Rocco (16th century, restored in the 19th century), Palazzo dei Giuristi (17th century, Civic Museum).

The town's economy is still based in part on agricultural activities connected with the primary sector, while limited industrial growth can be observed, though this is hindered by a poor communications network which isolates this zone from the rest of the region.

Fresh life may be injected into the local economy by tourism and in particular the increase in facilities for winter sports in the surrounding mountain areas (Nevegal, Alpago).

Belluno in Veneto

Events: International concert season, Opera season (autumn), International archery tournaments (in summer).

Famous People: Sebastiano Ricci (artist, 1659-1734), Marco Ricci (artist, 1676-1729), Andrea Brustolon (sculptor and carver, 1662-1732), Andrea Alpago (philosopher, 1450-1520), Urbano Bolzanio (humanist, 1443-1524), Valentino Alpago Novello (architect, 1707-1793).

Cultural Institutions: Civic Museum (with archeological section and art gallery), Biblioteca del vescovo Alvise Lollino (ancient manuscripts, codes and incunabulum).

In the Province: Cortina d'Ampezzo (summer and winter tourism, Rimoldi collection), Feltre (galleries and museums, environmental and artistic interest), Pieve di Cadore (Museo della Magnifica Comunit di Cadore, birthplace of Titian, Paleovenitian Museum), Auronzo di Cadore (pop. 4,000, holiday and winter sports resort), Alpe di Nevegal (tourism, botanic garden).

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