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Veneto - Places to visit - Treviso

This town lies on the lower Venetian plain 15 metres above sea level at the confluence of the Botteniga with the Sile river, about twenty kilometres from the Venetian Lagoon.

treviso in Veneto

Originally a prehistoric settlement (Bronze Age), the town was a Roman municipium with the name of Tarvisium, acquiring great importance in Gothic, Lombard and Frank times, becoming the seat of a mint and capital of a vast area.

The comune era was to be its that of greatest splendour when it was defined by poets `marca gioiosa et amorosa'; subsequently (13th-14th century) it passed a through tumultuous period, when it came under the rule of the Ezzelinis, the Da Caminos, Counts of Gorizia, Viscontis and Scaligeris until, in 1389, it spontaneously went over to Venice, sharing its fortunes until 1797, date of the fall of the Republic of Venice. In 1866 it was united with the Kingdom of Italy.

Monuments: Palazzo dei Trecento (13th century, Romanesque), with Palazzo del Podest, Baptistry (11th-12th century, Romanesque), Duomo (11th-12th century renewed in the 15th-18th century) with painting by Titian, Santa Maria Maggiore (15th century, Gothic), S. Nicolo (Romanesque-Gothic), S. Maria Maggiore (Gothic), Piazza dei Signori.

The economy of Treviso is based particularly on commercial, activities, especially in relation to agricultural and animal products from the surrounding fertile plain.

In recent decades, however, industry has progressively developed especially with regard to the textile, foodstuff, furniture and household appliance sectors. Treviso constitutes an important rail junction.

Treviso in Veneto

Events: Exhibition of commodities in the agricultural sector, Fiera di S. Luca (mid-October, dates back thousands of years).

Famous People: Girolamo da Treviso il Vecchio (artist, 1455-1496), Pier Maria Pennacchi (artist, 1464-1514), Paris Bordone (artist, 1500-1571).

Cultural Institutions: Municipal library, Civic Museum (paintings by Giambellino, Lotto, Titian, Cima da Conegliano, Tiepolo; sculptures by Canova), Museo della Casa Trevigiana (craftsmanship, furnishings).

In the Province: Castelfranco (Casa del Giorgione), Asolo (Civic museum with historical relics of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus), Conegliano (Cima da Conegliano Foundation), Vittorio Veneto (town of artistic interest, Gruppo archeologico del Cenedese, Battle Museum), Fonte (Museum of lost arts), Maser (Carriage Museum), Riese Pio X (House-Museum of S. Pio X).

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